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Exclusive Product: Monster Meal

Coming early Feb 2021 is excited to promote its newest product that is only available in western Canada through our website. Even though hunting season is over, keeping your deer healthy for coming season through winter months is key. The feeder pellets and protein blocks are excellent for harsh winter months. For those of you feeding with Alfalfa bales or other grains, the Mineral Attractant make for a great top up for deer health.

First orders of $100 or more will receive a 10% discount.

Contact for more info and arrange shipping details.

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How do you feed your house?

As hunters, we know that wild game is a lot more nutritious than the meat sold at the grocery store, but we don't always have the numbers handy to support the truth. Thats why Remington made this quick reference card. Save it to your phone so that the next time you're explaining the health benefits of game meat to someone you can reinforce your position with hard data.

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Hunting Season 2020: How Was Your Season?

We want to know-How was your hunting season this year?

Whether you went bow hunting, did a week-long riffle hunt, or went on a Big Game Hunting Adventure, we want to hear and see all about it.

Tell us your hunting story, and send us your best photos! Email us at or leave us a comment with your greatest hunting story of 2020!

Here are a few of our own photos!

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